Relay for Life next weekend!

Relay for Life next weekend!

So the time has come again. 1st Yate is taking part in Cancer Research Relay for Life. Our Leaders and a selection of young people will be taking part in the 24 hour challenge.

The aim is simple. Within your teams, a member must be on the track during the 24 hour period. Last year, the young helpers took the day shifts, and left the night shifts to the adults. With many of us, including youngsters, hitting the length of a marathon, this years target is to walk further still.

All of this is being completed in aid of Cancer Research. On a summer’s day, teams, survivors, carers and volunteers come together to take part in a 24-hour Relay For Life event to celebrate their fundraising. Organised by a dedicated volunteer committee, this community celebration is filled with family fun. Teams set up camp and take turns to walk around the track through the night.

With our help, and the help of anyone able to make a donation, we can beat Cancer, sooner! Donate to our cause by using the link below…

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