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How well do you know the group history?

How well do you know the group history?

We love seeing photographs from the group through history. From meeting on Cranleigh Court in our first ever Scout Hut to our current hut on Church road, we never get bored of looking at how the group – and Scouting as a whole – has changed over the years.

Recently, we received a message from Scott Aldom. He has managed to source two pictures of some Cub Scouts at a wedding. Not much is known about the picture, but we believe it was the Wedding of one (or more) of the Cub leaders in the early 90’s

Take a look at them below!

cubs at the church

cubs at the church

Are you one of the Cub Scouts in the photo? Was this your Wedding? Do you know when the photo was taken? Do you recognise any of the badges?

If so get in touch as we would love to hear more!

Relay for Life next weekend!

Relay for Life next weekend!

So the time has come again. 1st Yate is taking part in Cancer Research Relay for Life. Our Leaders and a selection of young people will be taking part in the 24 hour challenge.

The aim is simple. Within your teams, a member must be on the track during the 24 hour period. Last year, the young helpers took the day shifts, and left the night shifts to the adults. With many of us, including youngsters, hitting the length of a marathon, this years target is to walk further still.

All of this is being completed in aid of Cancer Research. On a summer’s day, teams, survivors, carers and volunteers come together to take part in a 24-hour Relay For Life event to celebrate their fundraising. Organised by a dedicated volunteer committee, this community celebration is filled with family fun. Teams set up camp and take turns to walk around the track through the night.

With our help, and the help of anyone able to make a donation, we can beat Cancer, sooner! Donate to our cause by using the link below…

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

We have improved our site and made it nice and shiny! Some of the key features of the new site are:

  • Events page showing the exciting things the group are involved with from parades to fund raising!
  • A subscribe option so that you can keep up to date with the latest goings on
  • A Parents-Zone which contains key information like programmes and badge placements
  • Key information about each of our groups and the history of 1st Yate
  • Contact forms allowing you to reach the correct people quicker
  • Mobile friendly so you can check the site on the go
  • Search options to help you find the information you need instantly.
  • Much more still to come!

If you have any ideas or recommendations, please feel free to get in touch via the General Enquiries form and we will do our best. Subscribe to updates to receive news of any new features or events.

Have a look around and see if you can spot any mistakes (I’m sure there are a few)!

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