The Scout Hall on Church Road was opened in 1978 to bring together under one roof the sections of 1st Yate.

There were initially two Cub packs, 1st Yate Windsor Drive (who originally met in wooden hut in Windsor Drive Park) and 1st Yate Stanshawes (who used to meet at Stanshawes Court). We also had a Scout troop. The decision was made to build a purpose built Scout Hall when the wooden hut was burnt down by vandals. All sections moved to Church Road in 1978.

As the Group grew, it warranted a new Cub pack and a new Scout troop. The new Cub pack was called 1st Yate Jubilee, created in 1977, the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Then came along the Beaver Scouts.

Later, Stanshawes Cub pack merged with the Jubilee Cub pack and eventually, once the leaders left, there was no one to take over leaving us with one pack now named 1st Yate. As there was only the one pack, the second Scout troop numbers were dropping so therefore merged with the existing Thursday troop. This is the 1st Yate Scout Troop we know today.

Over the last two years the group’s fortunes have turned around somewhat, with a GSL driven to improve the Group, new Executive Committee members, equally committed to improving the fortunes of the Group, and a team of dedicated leaders delivering an interesting and balanced programme.

1st Yate is growing again. In January 2014 we had 53 young people in our group, but the current number is 115. Our waiting list is almost completely full and in October of 2014 a new Beaver section was opened. A second Cub pack opened in February 2015 thanks to the wonderful effort of our Cubs leaders, assisted by a strong team of occasional helpers, without whom this expansion would not be possible.

Next on our list is a plan to open an Explorer Unit for 14 to 17 year olds which is well under way and set to be up and running by then end of 2017!

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